Company Title has been supporting tenure in Australia for a very long time, operating in parallel with other, currently more used, forms of title. Company Title operates under Commonwealth legislation whereas Subdivision and Strata/Community Title operate under the legislation of the state governments.

Tenure Solutions is expert in Company Title as well as other forms of title over land.

Before Strata/Community Title was established by state governments, Company Title was common in providing individual titles in apartment blocks, blocks of flats, office buildings, professional chambers and similar. When Strata/Community Title was introduced, it became the ‘go-to’ for its similarities to a simple land subdivision and familiarity of land professionals with subdivision.

The benefits of Company Title are again being recognized and it’s being widely used again. Accordingly, Tenure Solutions has prepared and offers a Company Title model suitable for the needs of 21st Century landowners.

Tenure Solutions is adept at identifying the best approach to title from amongst the available titling systems. We advise our clients on the most effective approach for their individual wishes and outlook.

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