Tenure : What is it and what are the best possible options for your property

Tenure : Knowing and understanding your current property rights and potential.

Tenure : Described, Defined and possible FAQ’s.

Tenure refers to the legal framework that establishes property ownership rights, uses and conditions, which may include duration and terms of possession.

It encompasses various types of ownership, such as freehold, leasehold, community/strata title,  company title and lease & licence agreements. It is regulated by laws and regulations to ensure property rights and obligations are upheld.

Choosing your best Tenure Option is where we can hopefully assist and provide valuable information in delivering a way forward for your property potential. Be that via a Subdivision, Community/Strat title, a Dual Occupancy, a Secondary Dwelling, Company Title or Lease and Licence Agreement. 

Some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) we commonly get are along the lines of :

  1. What is a community title? A community title refers to a type of property ownership where owners share common areas and facilities while having individual ownership of their specific lot. It is commonly used in residential developments with shared amenities such as swimming pools, parks, and community centers.
  1. What is a strata title? A strata title is a form of property ownership where individuals own a specific unit or lot within a larger building or complex. Each owner has a share in the common property and is subject to certain by-laws and regulations governing the use and maintenance of the building.
  1. How does a community title system work? The community title system allows for the creation of a community scheme where owners have individual lots and share common areas. The scheme is governed by a set of by-laws and managed by a community association or body corporate, which handles the maintenance and administration of the common property.
  1. Can you explain the process of obtaining a community title? Obtaining a community title involves several steps, including preparing necessary documentation, lodging an application with the relevant authorities, obtaining approvals, and establishing the community association. Our experts can guide you through this process and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  1. What is dual occupancy? Dual occupancy refers to the development of two seperate dwellings on a single lot. It allows for two structures, such as a main residence and another dwelling, to coexist on the same property.
  1. What are the benefits of dual occupancy? Dual occupancy offers several advantages, including the potential for rental income or multigenerational living arrangements. It allows homeowners to maximise land usage and can be a cost-effective way to increase dwelling densities in the current housing crisis.
  1. Can I build a secondary dwelling on my property? Building a secondary dwelling on your property is possible in many cases, subject to local council regulations and specific requirements. Our experts can assess the viability of a secondary dwelling on your property and guide you through the necessary processes.
  1. What is the difference between a secondary dwelling and a dual occupancy? A secondary dwelling is a self-contained generally dependant living unit on the same property as the main residence, while a dual occupancy typically involves two separate dwellings with their own titles. Dual occupancy generally allows for more flexibility in terms of ownership and potential for independent sale or lease.
  1. How do I obtain approvals for a dual occupancy or secondary dwelling? Obtaining approvals for a dual occupancy or secondary dwelling generally involves submitting an application to the local council, which assesses factors such as compliance with zoning regulations, building codes, and environmental considerations. Our team can assist you with this process and bring in experts (Building Certifier or Town Planners) if required .
  1. What are the considerations when designing a secondary dwelling or dual occupancy? Design considerations for secondary dwellings and dual occupancy include maximising functionality, ensuring privacy between dwellings, optimising the use of space, and complying with building regulations.                                                                                                   
  2.  Can I subdivide my property? Property subdivision is possible in many cases. However, the viability depends on various factors such as local council regulations, land size, zoning, and infrastructure requirements. Contact us for a detailed Tenure Report of your property’s potential for subdivision.
  3. What is the development approval process for subdivision? The development approval process for subdivision involves several steps, including preparing development applications (DA), obtaining council approvals, conducting assessments for infrastructure and services, and meeting compliance requirements.
  4. How much does it cost to subdivide land? The cost of subdividing land can vary depending on factors such as the size of the land, location, council fees, infrastructure requirements, and professional services. To get an accurate estimate of the costs associated with your specific subdivision project, we recommend we start with a Tenure Options Report which will better guide your decisions going forward resulting in a tailored cost analysis.
  5. What is the minimum land size for subdivision? The minimum land size required for subdivision varies based on local council regulations and zoning requirements. It is advisable to consult with our team to determine the specific minimum land size criteria applicable to your property. This can be done via a Tenure Options Report.

what people are saying about us

"I've known Bryan McLennan of Tenure Solutions for years and I am happy to recommend their services. In fact, Bryan did the original survey on my property. We're now currently working together on the best way to apply a company title solution to provide more ownership flexibility; I really value the excellent advice and support I'm getting from Bryan and his colleagues.

George Johnson, Secrets on the Lake, Montville, Queensland


"All we wanted was to stitch off a corner of our land for our son to build a home and of course he didn't want to put a lot of money into our property. We had ran into all sorts of problems, told we couldn't do it, told it would cost us a bomb and take for ever. The folk at Tenure Solutions worked it through for us, set it up perfectly, cost was very reasonable and it only took a month or so. Very happy."

Elaine Tenor, via Beaudesert, Queensland


"Tenure Solutions offered a valuable and effective service when I was looking to set aside and get some money for a few small areas of my property in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

I'd been frustrated by rules and planning requirements that in effect prevented me from doing what I wanted. Tenure Solutions had the answers."

Ken Schroder, Stradbroke Island, Queensland


“When we got married, we soon discovered, after much searching that we were never going to afford an inner-city place of our own. We partnered with a like-minded couple with two young kids, to purchase a small vacant lot and design and build a house on it.

Both couples have our own “house within the house” as we say, in our own right, in which we are both raising our families, and we’re growing our own home-based business. Tenure Solutions knew their stuff and provided us with the framework to realise these dreams."

Sarah and Ivan Eriksen, Highgate Hill, Queensland


“The Tenure Solutions team came up with the answer we’d been looking for: we wanted to bequeath our property to our two kids with equal shares. With Tenure Solutions apportioning the property into three (one for us and one for each of the kids), we provided our kids with an asset they could borrow against to build their own ‘pavilion house’. We gave them a start in life and provided for a smooth transmission when we pass away."

Paul & Dale Vaille


“We had established and successfully operated our rural resort for over twenty years. None of our kids were at all interested in taking on the business, and we couldn’t find a buyer for the entire property at the right price. The people at Tenure Solutions were very helpful and came up with a way forward and the opportunity to sell off shares in the cabins and suites. We kept the big house because we loved the place and we retained the property rental and management rights which provide us with a steady income in our ‘retirement’."

Merv and Isobel Morrison, Tweed Region, North New South Wales


Tenure Solutions is expert in providing our clients with customised pathways to divide, occupy, share and trade in commercial and personal property assets.

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