Unlocking Property Potential

Unlocking Property Investment Potential: Tenure Solutions uses Archistar's AI Due Diligence Reports to unlock your property potential. Will this provide an accurate cost of subdividing land in Queensland to help alleviate the housing  crisis ? Embarking on property...


QUEENSLAND STATE PLANNING UPDATES - Will the Queensland State planning updates help alleviate the housing crisis? The Queensland government has re-evaluated various regions to reconsider property zoning classifications. This reclassification may pave the way for...

Thinking about subdividing your property ?

Thinking about subdividing your property in Queensland? Subdivision costs may vary significantly based on factors like local council rules and location. The overall cost for dividing a lot into two lots generally ranges from $30,000 to $100,000. At Tenure Solutions,...

SE Qld Regional Plan 2023 Update – Have your say

Draft Shaping SEQ; SE Qld Regional Plan 2023 Update           The Qld Government has released for discussion and feedback a lengthy document which broadens the discussion about housing, for the first time considering factors that influence housing supply beyond the...

Tenure Solutions is expert in providing our clients with customised pathways to divide, occupy, share and trade in commercial and personal property assets.

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