Draft Shaping SEQ; SE Qld Regional Plan 2023 Update           pastedGraphic.png

The Qld Government has released for discussion and feedback a lengthy document which broadens the discussion about housing, for the first time considering factors that influence housing supply beyond the planning system. In our view, this broadening is a welcome development. It’s a review of the South East Queensland Regional Plan, ShapingSEQ 2017.

We at Tenure Solutions have already engaged in discussions with key decision makers in state and local government about zoning, planning, housing and the SE Qld Regional Plan. We’ve offered analysis and reform advice. Now with release of this Update, we’ll have further opportunity to provide comments and suggestions both in a written submission and in face-to-face discussion. 

You too can express a view; here’s the link to the Update: DSDILGP_DRAFT_ShapingSEQ_2023_Update_Regional_Plan.pdf (amazonaws.com) or you can go to the website of the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.