QUEENSLAND STATE PLANNING UPDATES – Will the Queensland State planning updates help alleviate the housing crisis?

The Queensland government has re-evaluated various regions to reconsider property zoning classifications. This reclassification may pave the way for future development, possibly addressing the current housing crisis.

SOUT EAST QUEENSLAND REGIONAL PLAN – The finalisation and publication of SEQRP – ShapingSEQ 2023 is anticipated by year-end. Draft information is presently accessible on their website https://dsdip.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=b5f925fb6bd54c0bb58efb614e4a9a09.  By entering your property address, you can view the current state zoning information, which includes whether the property falls under a) Draft Urban Footprint (potentially allowing subdivision subject to criteria), b) Draft Rural Living area (where subdivision might be permitted), or c) Draft Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area (where subdivision generally is not allowed).

WIDE BAY BURNETT Regional Council – Bundaberg in the WIDE BAY BURNETT region, the Draft Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan 2022 offers interactive mapping, accessible at this link: Draft Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan (WBB RP) (arcgis.com) 

Far North Queensland region – Cairns, part of the Far North Queensland region, the area falls under the Far North Queensland Regional Plan, currently under review. Interactive mapping hasn’t been released yet. It will be provided during community consultation when the draft plan undergoes review.

Once the regions have completed their processes, Local Councils will be required to adjust zonings for affected properties.

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