At Tenure Solutions, we’ve found that there are several pathways to financing purchase of a unit or a patch of land through Company Title, secured against the shares.

We know for a fact that many of the ‘recognisable name’ banks will write loans with such security, several of the ‘second tier’ banks ditto, and some building societies also. But some bank managers aren’t familiar with this product and need to be reminded to check it out with their Retail Manager.

We also know that a number of Mortgage Brokers have established panels of financiers who accept proposals for loans secured with Company Title. So Company Title is no barrier to borrowing to purchase; and the Brokers with whom we’ve spoken advise that the evaluation criteria applied by financiers are much the same as applied to other residential borrowings, with the possible exception of a lower loan to valuation (LTV) ratio, i.e. a slightly higher deposit.

There are some very ‘friendly and favourable’ interest rates for residential borrowings at the moment and these are likely to continue for some time.

Now might be the ideal time to implement Company Title over your property, knowing that the cost of borrowing to purchase is low.

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