Tenure Solutions FAQ

By applying Company Title, Tenure Solutions has establish separate title to a Granny Flat in situations where Subdivision Title cannot. This means that title can be set up to a Granny Flat that provides exclusive rights to occupancy, can be sold and be security for borrowing.

It also provides a means of protecting the Granny’s financial interests in Granny Flat arrangements. When there’s only informal arrangement between a parent and their adult child or children, mostly the exposures and risks rest with the  parents who put up the money.

In an informal agreement the parent is vulnerable as all property rights reside with the property owner – the children. The equitably to protect the rights of parents is to give them property rights over their part of that property adapted or provided for their use – whether a self-contained apartment within the house, or a stand-alone structure.

A legal solution for many granny flat situations is well established across Australia – Company Title. Company Title is used to protect the interests of all parties.

Recognising the realities of many such granny flat situations and properly structured, Company Title may provide reversion or pre-emptive rights to the children.

Tenure Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of services for use in ‘granny flat’ situations.

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