#TenureSolutions has recently helped a couple to add value to their property, both by providing separate saleable title to several cabin sites approved for their property, and giving them an opportunity to create a saleable business as a going concern.

They already operate a successful – and growing – weddings hosting business on their property. There’s a stunning site overlooking a lily-filled lake, with Ozzie sub-tropical bush in the background. They have Council approval for a reception centre, for hosting weddings, and for erecting several cabins, but they have no right to sell these structures separately.

With Tenure Solutions assistance, they now have #SeparateTitle over each of the cabin sites (several already have cabins erected), the weddings celebration site and the receptions centre. So as and when they wish, they can sell the cabins; this may not be for some time. We at #TenureSolutions are especially pleased that we’ve helped them with a saleable business and the infrastructure for it. With SeparateTitle to the celebration site and the reception centre, when they’ve built up the weddings hosting business, they now will be able to sell the business as a going concern. This means the goodwill plus the celebrations site plus the reception centre.

Their hard work in building up the business will be better recognised financially when it can be sold as a fully self-contained business, a going concern. A great solution by Tenure Solutions.